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Agnitum's Outpost is an excellent firewall which many consider to be the best value on the market, with a feature set even surpassing ZoneAlarm. It efficiently blocks all malwares like spyware, adware, Trojans and viruses, and also blocks internet ads, cookies, hostile websites, pop-ups, hidden browser windows, and dangerous file attachments.

Outpost is easy to install; the Installation Wizard helps you to keep the default configuration for the firewall rules for applications and network interfaces. It also allows you to set up your home computer to work with multiple users automatically, and can create unique settings for specific computers on your network. Although the default security settings are enough for most home users, learning to adjust the security settings gives you lots of extra power, like becoming invisible on the Internet, or being able to view and edit the applications list after a system scan.

The Application Control Wizard asks permission before allowing or blocking any new application's attempt to access the internet. The Component control function adds finer control, by monitoring not only the applications as whole but also their core components. That way it combats Trojans' attempt to operate by impersonating a trusted application. Outpost uses the Message Digest MD5 algorithm for encryption, calculates a checksum for each trusted application and authenticates this digital application signature each time the application is launched.

It provides database-driven event logging and uses heuristics to detect any malware/spyware trying to get into your machine and automatically blocks them. It also updates itself if required. Version 4 can stop malicious programs attempting to terminate the firewall, and adds an additional layer of protection to detect spyware.
Outpost has a modular open architecture, which means that the core functionalities are implemented as independent DLL modules, but you can include a number of plug-ins that are loaded as standard, including an email attachment filter, content filtering, ad blocking, web history concealment and cookie control - all of which can be switched off. You can also purchase some addâ??ons at extra cost to increase the power of Outpost Firewall Pro. For example, with PC Flank WhoEasy, you can track an intruder's IP address, and with the plug-in named Blockpost, you can block adware and spyware. Super Stealth provides added protection from any kind of hacking. HTTP log provides a simple list, or a detailed account, of client requests and server responses.

Outpost Firewall Pro not only blocks banners and ads, but images too. It allows you to block images by size, or all images from a site. The filter feature plug-in offers the ability to block by content, and you can protect your settings with a password so others can not change your blocking criteria.

Outpost has minimal impact upon system resources. It provides detailed descriptions of all processes running on your computer and works with both Mozilla Firefox and IE 7. The free version of the software, of course, has la imited feature set and you do not get tech support, but a Pro license gets you full 24/7 tech support.

Outpost Version 4 has reduced the number of annoying pop-up and includes an 'Entertainment Mode' that prevents firewall popâ??ups while certain applications are running, like DVDs or Internet games.
The control panel is simple and intuitive. You can track all your network activity, the number of ports open and the application currently accessing each port from the main screen. If you find any unfamiliar application in your ports, you can rightâ??click the application to block access instantly, or create custom rules for port access for different applications. But as we said, the default settings are good enough for normal usage.

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