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CA eTrust is an anitivirus package with an intuitive management console and plenty of automation tools. The eTrust EZ Antivirus version 7.1 is a huge improvement from the previous version 6. It has a sophisticated, easy-to-navigate interface and a faster scanning capability, but still does not have anti-spyware, outbound e-mail scanning or a firewall to protect against present day threats against safety and security of data, identity and overall network performance. eTrust's Internet Security however, is a complete integrated suite with all the above-mentioned tools.

The main features of CA's virus-protection are its InnoculateIT program and an administration console. Among the new features added are improved detection capability and a web-based interface. The suite comprises three main components - an administration server along with local on-demand and real-time scanners.

CA eTrust EZ antivirus version 7.1 has a sophisticated tab-and-button UI that makes it user-friendly and easy to schedule scans, manage file updates, and tackle other basic tasks such as scanning your computer, scheduling updates, changing settings, etc. The security center dashboard screen is there, but is designed for the Internet security suite and does not work for the antivirus software. CA eTrust offers excellent real-time protection against viruses, Trojans, and worms, and allows the user to schedule regular, unattended scans.

Deployment tools are limited. Although the installation to NT, 2000 and XP systems is automated, with a separate remote installer that uses an installation command file (ICF) to deploy the same group of Registry settings to multiple systems, but for clients running Windows 95, 98 or ME, the program can only be deployed using a login script associated with the setup files in a shared directory.

The administration component of eTrust runs on the server and is responsible for managing the network. A network view based on IP subnets discovers and displays all systems that have the eTrust software installed. The program creates containers and places the authenticated systems into them, which then present a logical or physical view of the network. This way of working requires systems to be authenticated, but as the users account in Windows 95, 98 and ME systems are managed locally, a DOS utility is used to create a special authentication file.

You can set policies for controlling the environment, stating how systems run the software and react to infections. Once these rules are assigned, they can be locked down to prevent users modifying the settings. Policies are also used to schedule regular on-demand scans and distribute new virus signature files. CA eTrust's quarantine rules are different from other programs, as these rules apply to users and not files. It is possible to block network access to a system with an infected file for a specific period.

Users of every workstations will find an icon in the System Tray indicating that the real-time scanner is active. The configuration can be modified or configured if the central settings are not specified and locked down - in which case the OK button will be greyed out. As in most network management-enabled software, a local copy of memory resident InnoculateIT is also installed, so users can perform on-demand scans. The Alert Manager Service supports masses of notification options that can be applied separately to the on-demand and real-time scanners.

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