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Wednesday 15 Aug 2018 - 6:13 PM

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Command AntiVirus has brought about some good changes in the feature list of its latest package, including a CommandCentral utility for deployment tools. The product does not have a management console, however, which is a severe disadvantage in a network environment. Command has developed a separate TotalCommand management tool for large enterprises.

There are some obvious good points in this antivirus solution. It is one of the fastest virus scanner based on the well-known F-prot antivirus engine, and provides good client protection with low system requirements. It supports Windows NT/2000/XP, and provides network management - but without a management console, it is too simplistic. The alerting features are also not developed far enough; it can only send warnings by e-mail to network administrators.

Although you can deploy client software through CommandCentral, the absence of a management console does not allow client monitoring. However, the client deployment options are extensive, as CommandCentral allows you to create an MSI (Microsoft Installer) file, where you can decide what components are to be installed and the settings for each function. The CommandCentral also allows you to decide whether users are able to scan local and network drives. You can even create predefined custom scan jobs. When running a full discovery scan of the network, you can select the systems on which you want the Command agent installed.

The definition updates can be downloaded from links in the user interface or using CommandCentral. For updating via CommandCentral, you need to select a Command site, choose from definition files, component updates and upgrades, and then schedule the task to run at regular intervals.

The workstation version of the Command antivirus utility is basic but simple, and allows users to run scheduled or on-demand scans. They can also schedule a scan after specific periods of inactivity and create a rescue disk. The program generates reports locally, and sends an e-mail or warning message to a single recipient.

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