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Content insurance insures your possessions within the living premises that you own or rent. Most often, this comes packaged with home insurance, but a single content insurance policy does not insure the structure of your home, but just your personal assets such as furniture, televisions, computer equipment, stereo equipment and other valuables. This insurance protect against damage due to weather or the loss of personal assets due to burglary.

You should maintain a list of all your valuables, so that you can fully account for your property in the event of a fire or other catastrophe. Keep the list and a copy of your policy in a safety deposit box at a bank. If your property is damaged, you should contact your insurance company immediately, and someone from the company will visit your house and estimate the damage, to decide the cost of repairs and any compensation. The company will then issue a cheque, so that you can hire someone to do the repairs. If you are not satisfied with the estimate, then you should consider an independent estimate on the repairs to ensure that the repair amount your insurance company offers is sufficient.

Content insurance specifies the maximum amount of coverage for your personal assets. It may also specify maximum coverage for specific items such as jewelry. The insurance premium is dependent on the amount of coverage you desire.

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