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F Secure Internet Security 2008 has a simple and clean interface with five configuration choices: Block All, Office, Strict, Normal, Custom, and Allow All. Each of these options in turn has a variety of more specific options, which allow for fairly straightforward customizing of your settings. It uses comparatively few resources on your machines, and is generally a non-fussy software package, with the exception of the parental control option, which demands a password every time you want to use the interface.

F Secure has a strong firewall and can put all the ports of your computer into stealth mode, thus making it invisible on the web. F Secure controls which program can access the Internet, and blocks most web-based attacks on your operating oystem, browser or other programs. F Secure's malware cleaning performance has faced some criticism in different lab tests. It takes a long time to remove the malware. Although it managed to detect all malwares including Trojans and rootkit samples, in some cases it could not remove them completely. Another point to mention is that when it stops a malware from being installed on your machine, it does not give any indication of doing that, leaving you perplexed as to why your download can not be installed.

F Secure is lightweight, has a small memory footprint and does not affect boot time much, but its malware cleaning tools need improvement. It scored only 90% in PC Pro Lab's malware test, and must overcome these weaknesses. Its security standards are quite impressive though. In PC Pro Lab's firewall test, it could conceal the test computer completely, and also removed all phishing emails in the Lab test. In the website exploit test, it stopped the test computer visiting malicious sites in 86% of cases.

Author Kevin McLanedate added 2009-09-07 13:06:53

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