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H+BEDV AntiVir comes with a collection of utilities: AntiVir Workstation, AntiVir Server, AntiVir Mailserver, and AntiVir Proxyserver. But it's a shame they're not integrated properly. An even bigger disadvantage of AntiVir as antivirus protection for networks is its poor management facility, which is very much required in today's network environment. On the other hand, AntiVir supports a wide range of platforms, including options for NetWare and Exchange Server.

AntiVir for Servers protects Windows NT and 2000 Server platforms, once you load the remote control console. The basic interface offers configuration settings, scan scheduling, real-time and on-demand scan status. The scheduler allows automated scans at regular intervals on selected drives and directories.

Another point of weakness in the product is the poor notification service, which is basically nothing but a network broadcast. The alerting service mainly consists of an entry in the event log and a local report file. There is no automated virus update in the server version.

There is also no central deployment and management. Although there is a server remote console, there is no integration with the client facilities, so the workstations must work independently. The remote console does not differentiate between servers and workstations.

Author Jamie Helmsworthdate added 2009-09-07 12:26:18

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