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Mobile phone insurance provides protection against water damage, accidental damage, theft, loss, fraudulent calls, etc. You should also look for a policy that gives you international cover for a specific number of days per year. It might sound excessive to get your mobile phone covered, when the prices of electronic goods are falling every day, but there are situations when getting insurance for your phone is well worth it â?? for example, if your brand new, expensive phone gets stolen before you've even finished paying for it on credit, you will still have to pay the installments, when you could have saved yourself from this situation by insuring the gadget from the start.

If you are a person prone to losing or misplacing your things, or absent minded enough to drop your phone in the bath, you'd better take cover against such eventualities. There are a number of policies available, either from your network provider or any independent insurer, to protect your phone from damage done by you or by others. Both these possibilities have specific advantages and disadvantages. When you get insurance cover from your network provider, you have all the costs( i.e., billing and insurance premiums) under one umbrella, and if anything goes wrong you can be sure of a speedy replacement. In the case of independent insurance providers, insuring your phone is like covering any other asset, in that you will be offered a wider range of cover options.

There are policies where you get more than one phone covered with one insurance policy, which is beneficial if you are buying more than one phone, either for business purposes or for keeping in touch with family members. Mobile phone insurance cost between £25 and £100 per year, depending on the coverage and the make of phone, but before you buy a policy, you should check to see if it isn't cheaper simply to add your phone on as a specific item to an existing home contents insurance policy, if you have one.

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