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Intego NetBarrier is a popular firewall for Mac users, but NetBarrier for Windows is yet to reach the maturity level of market leaders like ZoneAlarm or Norton. It has a sophisticated interface which provides enough visual clues to let you make the correct configuration choices, and provides great depth of configurability that is unfortunately often hidden under different functionalities. A more logical interface would have helped in using the total power this program provides.

Installing NetBarrier is easy. After installation you should go through the settings to ensure that all the features you want to be active are turned on. NetBarrier actually provides numerous features and controls which you need to activate manually. For example, NetBarrier can monitor the outbound data for sensitive information once you set this feature in the 'Privacy' window. It can also monitor, control and even edit cookies. You can also set filters to block adware and banners. NetBarrier has functions to manage cache files and browser history files, and can also hide information on the last sites visited by your browser. For the right firewall protection you should change the default setting to Stealth mode, which will hide your computer from the Internet. Most other firewalls automatically set your machine in stealth mode upon installation.

You can monitor your computer's network activity for any suspicious activities or troubleshooting network problems. NetBarrier X4 provides highly customizable and detailed information about all types of network activity. NetBarrier's monitoring module includes a 'Whois' tool for looking up domain names and IP addresses, and a Traceroute function for looking up the routing of your data over the Internet. NetBarrier for Windows provides five preset configurations, ranging from No Network, which prevents any application from accessing the Web, to the default Client, Local Server, which lets applications use the Net and allows the PC to act as a server on a local area network (LAN), such as your home network.

The Antivandal section protects against all kinds of intrusion to your computer, providing port-scanning options and application control. The privacy section allows setting cookie controls, hides browser history and provides a safe vault for your personal data. NetUpdate, the automated updater, checks for program fixes or patches once a week.

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