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Kaspersky is one of the most respected antivirus software providers and, as expected, their corporate suite meets most demands for corporate antivirus protection or antivirus protection in a network environment. It provides numerous tools and features to keep your system free from viruses, Trojans and other threats, whilst also providing sophisticated management and deployment tools.

The entire network management and deployment of the software over different workstations and servers is handled by the Network Control Centre (NCC) management utility, which provides numerous tools to administer and keep the system free from intrusion, as well as supporting Linux, Exchange and Lotus Notes. From the NCC interface, you can create groups to represent your logical network, with each group requiring a control server to look after its subservient workstations.

Kaspersky provides many network antivirus solutions, depending upon the network size. Kaspersky Labs Corporate Suite is basically meant for corporations with very large networks. There is also the Anti-Virus Business Optimal suite, aimed at companies with networks of up to 500 users. Kaspersky Labs Total Space Security also provides network monitoring capabilities, along with excellent virus detection and removal.

The Network Control Centre allows you to monitor all workstations and all individual systems/groups, modify settings for all systems and run scanning for multiple workstations/systems simultaneously. It also provides tools for workstation and server deployment - you can add one of a number of supplied predefined packages to the NCC. It checks all the workstations in the network view, finds out which one needs the deployment and then does the work. Systems with Windows NT, 2000 and XP can benefit from deployment with such predefined packages, but systems with 95, 98 and ME support local user management, and so should have the software deployed locally or via a login script.

The main administration server downloads automatic definition updates, and the program updates regularly from the net. The workstations are either provided with updates by the administration server, or are allowed to pull information from the server at regular intervals according to the operating system of the workstations. A separate quarantine area can be created on the server, to which dubious files are sent.

Kaspersky provides different utilities for scanning, updating, monitoring and scripting, and workstation users can be allowed to interact with a local copy of the software. When a workstation is infected or in trouble, its icon changes to alert the server. Notification is not a strong point of this corporate suite, and is limited to a network broadcast and email with not very informative message. But overall, Kaspersky Labs Corporate Suite provides safety and security and manages the network environment efficiently. It comes with numerous extra features that other vendors would make you buy separately.

Author Angela Parisdate added 2009-09-07 12:27:03

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