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Kerio Personal Firewall has two distinctly different way of combating intrusion into your machine. In the default mode, it simply allows all outbound traffic and blocks all inbound traffic. So in this mode your machine is vulnerable to leaking data, but by enabling the Application Behavior Blocking you can prevent this and the firewall becomes more powerful. At a higher level of control, the program will ask for confirmation whenever an application launches.

In the default mode, there will be less pop-ups, which will increase with the configuration and control. Once the program learns about your applications and settings, the confirmation pop-ups decrease. Configuring the settings gives you power in other areas too. Initially, Kerio will block file sharing in the local network; you will have to provide permissions for inbound access for trusted locations and mark the network as trusted. By default, Kerio works in the background, but you can configure it for more granular control over operations.

Kerio has strong intrusion detection capabilities, prevents cookies and banner ads, and guards against Trojans and other malware using application integrity monitoring. But it could be easily disabled by killing its main process, stopping its main service, or simulating a user's mouse and keyboard activity. This is a point of vulnerability that a malware could promptly take advantage of.

In the self-learning mode, Kerio will ask for temporary or permanent permission for any given new network activity, local or Internet based, and it allows the user to define secure 'zones' for trusted IP address ranges. For advanced users, it provides more granular control options via an easy-to-follow interface. With full program control enabled, it offers the best protection possible.

Kerio also provides protection to your personal data, like credit card details, telephone numbers etc - the privacy protection feature will stop any attempt to send this information via the Internet. The free version does not have the content filtering and privacy protection features or other advanced network control functionalities, it just retains the core functionalities of the firewall.

Installing Kerio Personal Firewall is easy, and the interface is intuitive and helpful.

Author Kevin McLanedate added 2009-09-07 12:57:31

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