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Network Associates' McAfee Active Virus Defense provides a wide range of network security features, including a firewall. It offers multi-tier network protection with integrated modules and a detailed reporting system. The initial set-up is complex, and an unhelpful interface makes the job tougher. But it can scan both McAfee and Symantec scanners.

The central management policy is called McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator (ePO), provides a global view of the system, is supplied on a disk and is difficult to configure. Each machine on the system has some information points such as the operating system version, disk statistics, CPU type, etc. The ePO allows the central administrator to look after all these important points on each node from a central console. Different modules of the program send up-to-date system status for each node to the ePO. These modules are:

â?¢ The desktop agent VirusScan, which provides workstation protection.
â?¢ The file server agent NetShield, which checks both inbound and outbound files for infection and provides a file server.
â?¢ The mail server agent GroupShield, which protects Microsoft Exchange servers and provides scheduling, scanning, alerts and console status.
â?¢ The server agent and SMTP gateway WebShield, which protects the server.

The ePO is also responsible for deployment, configuration and monitoring of VirusScan and NetShield, configuration and monitoring GroupShield and monitoring WebSheild. It offers plenty of preconfigured reports using Crystal Reports.

You can organize your network into small and manageable groups. The antivirus software can be deployed at the group level or to individual systems. With the agents sending status information to the central management module, it allows the administrator to monitor each system from the central console, view basic hardware details, deploy other software packages and enforce anti-virus policies.

The mail server agent GroupShield provides an on-access scanner with the default option â?? heuristics and archive scanning â?? enabled. It can scan all file types. GroupShield sends the administrator, sender, or recipient notifications, and replaces infected mail attachments with custom text. In case of a virus attack, you can change the option from simply checking for updates to shutting down the mail server.

WebShield SMTP stops malicious code at the entry point. It scans all e-mail attachments and cleans the infection. It can block messages with specific e-mail addresses, domains, sizes, or numbers of attachments. It also provides basic content filtering. Both WebShield and VirusScan provide a real-time scanner. For workstations, there are options for system, email and download scanning. You can also block access to lists of website URLs and IP addresses. Prior to deployment, you browse through a list of these features and decide which ones to allow the client to access.

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