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McAfee Total Protection 2008 suite provides security in four core areas: computer and files, Internet and network, e-mail / IM, and parental control - all of which allow for configuration. The computer and files section is basically McAfee's VirusScan technology.

McAfee Total Protection provides superb network management, local backup and content filters. The most efficient tool in this suite is the SiteAdvisor, which allows total anti-phishing protection against visiting undesirable sites. In the PC Pro Lab, it excelled in testing against malicious sites, scoring a perfect 100%. But on the flip side, it scored as low as 89% in malware test from the same lab. It did not do well in the firewall test either, as most of the open TCP ports were detected by the scan, thus making the test machine open and vulnerable to the web. The spam filter did not do a much better job, either.

Other disadvantages are the long installation time, considerable increase in boot time and large RAM footprint. Although it comes with many areas of excellence, such as its file and network protection, this suite needs improvement in crucial areas like malware detection. To compete with various cheaper and lighter packages, McAfee needs to work on these weaknesses.

The parental control is easy to use. You get virtual assistance online if you face any problems, and overall online support is good. McAfee continually upgrades the software and if a new version arrives during your subscription time, you will be upgraded to that version.

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