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Microsoft Windows AntiSpyware provides real-time protection from all adware bots and spywares, along with automatic update definitions drawing on collective SpyNet community data. It provides both on-demand scanning and scheduled scanning, along with lots of other functionalities. In PC Pro Lab's tests it performed fast scanning and updating with a 61% detection rate, 72% removal rate and 41% blocking of threats. The product does not support Firefox and Opera, but works with Windows 2000/2003/XP only.

Real time monitoring is performed by three 'security agents' monitoring those areas of your computer that are most vulnerable to spyware and malware: the internet agent, the system agent and the application agent.

The internet agent provides modem and Wi-Fi connection security, and notifies when a new user connects to your wireless network. It also prevents changes to TCP/IP, DNS and proxy settings and stops processes from activating Windows Messenger or other services. The system agent protects system files and stops malicious files being added to your system and boot procedure. The application agent prevents changes made to Internet Explorer by malware and monitors processes in the system. The 'spam zombie protection' prevents a compromised computer from becoming a spam factory.

The 'system explorers' feature provides detailed lists of running processes, startup programs, active X objects, Internet Explorer BHOs (Browser Helper Objects), installed toolbars, the contents of the HOST file and Winsock LSPs (Layered Service Providers), among others.

The Browser Hijack Restore feature allows the program to automatically reset different browser settings. If you become a victim of a browser hijacker, the real-time security agents can prevent browser settings again being changed once you reset them with this tool. The Tracks Eraser removes all traces and histories from a large variety of Windows system applications and third-party applications. The program also removes browser history and cookies.

Microsoft Windows AntiSpyware has a clean and intuitive interface designed for basic users. The real-time protection features are accessed through the button on the top right, and the systems explorer, browser hijack restore and tracks eraser are accessed via the 'advanced tools' button. The settings menu contains a limited array of configuration settings including automatic update, real-time protection and alert settings (all on by default). You can also make a whitelist of trusted applications.

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