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Norton Personal Firewall lags behind Zone Alarm and Outpost, in terms of features and functionalities, but where protecting your PC is concerned, it is just as efficient as the others. It is absolutely reliable and gives you a real feeling of security. The web assistant feature helps you to change the dynamics of nya website you visit instantly, by allowing you to block ads, popups and cookies. You can also quick-configure your security settings and protect your personal data by saving it in a secure file.

The network detector feature looks for an accessible network if you change location. It displays a control alert and runs a Home Networking Wizard, which allows you to reconfigure security settings. It intelligently recalls each network, switching settings automatically whenever you reconnect, and allows you to add new rules to allow, block, or watch connections based on connection type, i.e. your connection to computers or from computers. You can also add rules for different protocols.

Installation of Norton Personal Firewall is a comparatively lengthy process. It scans your computer for applications which access the Internet and adds them to the default database. Default configuration is adequate, and keeps all ports in stealth mode. But learning the application will give you more power to control the firewall options. The LiveUpdate feature provides the latest signatures and program upgrades, and the Alert Assistant provides detailed information whenever any unauthorised communication is detected.

As mentioned before, Norton Personal Firewall is extremely efficient in network monitoring - on installation it automatically recognizes your network and lets you identify it as one of four separately configured locations. The Automatic Program Control feature displays an automated alert box whenever a new program is detected. The firewall allows you to optionally scan for Internet-aware programs and manually approve or block them. Intrusion detection is strong, but tracing is not as powerful as that of McAfee. By default, an attacking IP address is totally blocked for half an hour. Norton's privacy control is strong and sends an alert if you erroneously pass important data. You can also block personal information completely and lock the settings with a password.

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