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The Panda Antivirus Enterprise Suite offers global and uniform protection for the main virus entry points into your company: workstations, file servers, messaging and groupware platforms, firewalls and proxies. Panda Software is fast becoming a recognised security service provider in the software market, whose latest addition is the much enhanced and perfected Internet Security suite. Panda Software's enterprise antivirus provides a wide range of features for a good price, giving network management with centralized administration.

The Enterprise Suite offers a number of features, including Panda's PerimeterScan utility for firewall and proxy servers, along with excellent mail server support. The central administrator control handles the deployment and management of all modules and provides an integrated platform. The main window displays all servers and workstations, a view that can be customised for displaying only systems with specific operating systems. The central administration provides all tools for managing the network.

Installing Panda Enterprise Anti-virus is comparatively fast and easy. but there is no proper manual for installation. The present manual indicates that the console can run on Windows 9x and ME systems, whereas this is only applicable to systems that have the Novell Client installed and are managing NetWare servers only. The servers will be immediately deployed with the antivirus components, but the workstations have to be deployed with different packages for specific operating systems. Deployment can be achieved either from the local machine using a login script, or by running the RINSTALL utility locally from a network share for workgroup members.

You can provide different rules for different workstation users by applying some global parameters from the central control. This way you decide which users will be able to use which component of the program. It also allows the management load to be shared over a number of servers, which will look after associated workstations and manage their scan settings.

Panda Software updates its website once a day and these updates are easily downloadable from the site. Updates can also be scheduled, and the client systems should pull the updates from the main server at regular intervals and retrieve new signature files.

Although Panda is doing reasonably well in the antivirus market and in different test labs, its responses to viruses are still a little weak in comparison to other players, and their notification and alert system needs more work â?? at the moment, it only provides a network message and e-mail alert to a single recipient in case of positive detection.

Author Sahid Townsenddate added 2009-09-07 12:30:01

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