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Wednesday 15 Aug 2018 - 6:13 PM

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Panda Antivirus is gaining popularity and comes at a low cost. It is yet to be tested in major test labs and its virus detection capability is merely average, which is not enough to protect your machine properly while surfing.

Panda antivirus is both VB100% and ICSA certified. But this software did not do well in PC Pro Lab's test and has yet to be tested in other test labs. In the PC Pro Lab's test, the previous version of the software actually crashed during e-mail scanning. Panda managed to identify just 60% of the threats on the system, giving the green light to executables including variants of the Hidrag virus, the Magistr Outlook virus and the Joiner Trojan.

Panda Antivirus works on Windows XP and Vista with at least a Pentium 300MHz processor and 128Mb of RAM, and installing and setting up the software is easy.

The main features of Panda Antivirus include:

â?¢ Automatic detection and elimination of all types of viruses
â?¢ Immediate and automatic updates
â?¢ Fast scanning
â?¢ Minimum resource use
â?¢ Heuristic detection of the latest Internet threats.
â?¢ Good tech Support 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
â?¢ Identity theft protection
â?¢ Anti-phishing protection
â?¢ CPU load management, which reduces CPU load during scans
â?¢ An online database providing FAQs and other information on the product.

Panda Antivirus has a simple and clean interface, which is user friendly and explains the functionalities properly. If you do not use net very often, then Panda Antivirus could be the protection option for you.

Author Angela Parisdate added 2009-09-07 12:16:03

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