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PC Tools Spyware Doctor is one of the last independent spyware programmes available on the market. As a standalone antispyware tool, Spyware Doctor has gathered a lot of trust and respect over the years, but unfortunately the newest version - Spyware Doctor 5 - has received severe criticism from different quarters for having lots of software glitches and being rather incomplete.

Spyware Doctor Version 3, however, is a great piece of software. PC Tools maintains a central update service through which all the components of the software are updated daily. The 'Intelli-signatures' feature are capable of detecting a specific threat and calculating its variables, which helps in keeping an extremely up-to-date and optimized database and fast heuristic detection. A full scan takes 5 minutes in PC Pro Lab's test machine. In the same lab, Spyware Doctor also has the highest detection (94%), removal (88%) and blocking (66%) rates. Spyware Doctor 3 still provides excellent keylogger protection, using patented behavioural technology to monitor for new variants in real-time, instead of relying upon only signature-based protection.

Spyware Doctor also supported scan scheduling, a real-time process guard, protection against malicious ActiveX objects, anti-rootkit protection, system rollback, Firefox and Opera support, anti-phishing protection, and a Malware Detective, which generates and sends a report to the PC Tools Malware Research Centre (MRC)

Downloading Spyware Doctor is a confusing process, although, once downloaded, the installation wizard guides you through the process. The Smart Update feature automatically updates the system before first use. The trial version does not remove any spyware until you purchase the full product, but the free Spyware Doctor Starter Edition can be downloaded with the Google Pack along with other applications.

Author Jamie Helmsworthdate added 2009-09-07 11:58:03

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