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Wednesday 15 Aug 2018 - 3:38 PM

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Sophos Anti-Virus is one of the best-loved corporate antivirus suites, providing high levels of protection and extremely efficient network management capabilities, with minimal impact on local and network performance.

The memory-resident InterCheck utility is locally installed in workstations, scans all files, computes a checksum for all and stores the data in a local file. A file thus checked is denoted as a 'clean' file. InterCheck prevents users from accessing infected files. Accessing clean files does not initiate a scan, and so does not slow down network performance. But this program does not have the facility to quarantine infected files from active use. If the program fails to disinfect some files, you will have to do so manually using the details on individual viruses available on Sophos's Web site, or get it shredded or overwritten. Whenever a file is created or updated, InterCheck verifies it. Users can view the activities of the antivirus program and the log file from a small InterCheck Monitor icon in the System Tray.

The SAVAdmin utility handles the deployment of the client program to different workstations and servers from a central installation point and login script, via a neat management interface. It can auto-detect new systems and deploy the software automatically, but requires an agent to be installed locally to monitor Windows 95, 98 and ME systems. A separate Auto-upgrade feature checks each user's workstation when they log on, and downloads and applies any program updates and new virus identification files that are held on the central server. Each user gets a copy of the antivirus program to work on, which allows them to scan their drive(s) on an on-demand or on-schedule basis.
Sophos does not, however, have a firewall and e-mail scanning for both inbound and outbound mails is only available as an option.

Sophos Anti-Virus can be easily installed from its CD-ROM, which also includes monthly installation notes and setup guides. The Enterprise Manager deploys Sophos' virus identity files and program updates in individual desktop installations. This MMC snap-in is designed to run scheduled and manual downloads from Sophos' secure website and automatically deploy them across the network. The program loads fully updated.

The setup screen provides a lot of useful information, with the scheduler integrated into the main interface. The interface also displays information regarding a scan's progress and time required for scans. Detected files can be shredded by overwriting their physical location, so that they can never be recovered. Shopos provides a good reporting service, and is able to send network broadcasts to specific users or systems, send email messages to any number of recipients, and generate SNMP events. An online Virus Library provides detailed information on viruses and other digital threats.

Sophos Antivirus provides a very fast scanner and allows multiple scheduled jobs to be configured for automatic operations, even when no one is logged in. Third-party applications can be integrated with the Sophos Antivirus program. The networks supported are Microsoft Networking, Novell NetWare, TCP/IP and Digital Pathworks.

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