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The Symantec AntiVirus Enterprise Edition includes Symantec AntiVirus Corporate Edition (SAVCE), which contains the Symantec System Center (SSC,) plus server and client scanners. The Enterprise Edition provides excellent centralised management plus impressive alerting and quarantining tools. A separate Symantec Packager lets administrators create and deploy custom installations. Symantec AntiVirus/Filtering (AVF) for the Microsoft Exchange Server has strong antivirus, content filtering, and spam control tools for Exchange 2000 servers. Symantec AntiVirus for SMTP Gateways can protect generic or multiple e-mail servers, and check inbound mail for e-mail viruses before they get into the system.

Central to the Enterprise Edition is the System Center, which provides a remote console from where you can create logical groups of machines under parent servers, along with group policies. You can schedule scans, check log files, direct the client to download the virus updates and manage a variety of anti-virus products. It installs as an MMC (Microsoft Management Console) snap-in to which you add further modules, depending on the products you wish to manage. Once the snap-in is loaded, you arrange your anti-virus servers into groups workable to manage your clients.

Every network requires a centralised virus protection management, where you have one or more 'anti-virus server' computers on the network, and these server systems deploy and manage the antivirus client software for various clients in your organization. The network manager keeps check on all the clients in the network from the central console on the server, and distributes new virus signature file updates/program updates regularly, or at your convenience.

The Management Console allows you to check and change the settings on each of the clients, and you can nominate a server as the primary server, then have secondary servers to spread the load of the main server. If a client is infected, the Alert Management Server provides the main server with details of the infection, such as which machines are affected and what virus has been detected. It provides real-time protection.

Installing the Enterprise Edition is a sore point. Installing the server is simple, but installing a client from the server, or using a login script, is difficult because it is hard to make the client see the server unless the client software is installed. So the best option is installing the client directly from the CD. You can install both client and server protection directly from the CD, the SSC, or Symantec Packager. With Packager, you can create custom installations on disks, on the Web, or via its own deployment tool. Packager also lets you create custom stealth installations.

Users can change settings, but the administrator has precise control over each user and the entire system, and can lock every file system setting separately. The server software is password-protected, but the client software is not. The client has plug-in support for Exchange and Notes e-mail.

Symantec AntiVirus/Filtering (AVF) for Microsoft Exchange allows you to perform scheduled and on-demand scans, set up policies, change configuration, logging activities and manage reports. SAVF is easy to configure and has nice HTML consoles. The Enterprise Edition provides a number of different other tools including Virus Protection for Gateways and Virus Protection for Mail Servers. There are plenty of scan options too, and infected files can be sent to the Quarantine server - however, it requires another MMC snap-in before it can be managed remotely.

Symantec's LiveUpdate and VDTM (virus definition transport method) are responsible for downloading upgrades and pushing upgrades to clients. The Alert System in Enterprise Edition is impressive - Symantec's AMS2 keeps you in touch with the action, sending out a wide variety of warnings if viral activity is detected, or if any problems with the anti-virus software itself are identified. Customised messages may also be created, and it's possible to associate more than one alert action with an event.

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