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Webroot Spy Sweeper is a comparative newcomer to the market making steady improvements in scanning times, scheduling, real-time protection and overall detection. Phileas, Webroot's automated spyware research system, scans millions of pages per day for new threat signatures, keeping their database up-to-date and increasing detection power. The latest version, Spy Sweeper 6, detects and blocks most spywares and adware, is compatible with 64-bitWindows Vista machines, and delivers integrated online backup and restore capabilities. 1GB of online backup space is included for free.

Spy Sweeper 6, which won the Top Ten Review Gold Award, has 'Smart Shields' real-time protection to defends your machine, data and identity against malicious applications. Spy Sweeper 4 detected 82% of the spyware on the PC Pro test lab and successfully removed 80%, making it the third most accurate in the tests.

Spy Sweeper is constantly evolving to include all newly-developed spyware in its database and to combat malicious programs. It provides real-time e-mail scans and three different types of system scans. Although originally written for home users, this spyware does also provide granularity of configuration, but overall the system is extremely easy to use and the default configuration is good enough.

Spy Sweeper's main features include:

â?¢ Automatic searching of pages for detecting emerging threats
â?¢ A regular update of spyware definitions
â?¢ Advanced rootkit protection
â?¢ Free online and telephone technical support
â?¢ Online backup facilities
â?¢ A Gamer mode, for pausing scheduled scans while working online.
â?¢ Fifteen Smart Shields for protection against cookies, browser hackers, keyloggers and Trojans.
â?¢ E-mail scanning
â?¢ Anti-phishing and anti-spam features
â?¢ Real-time monitoring

After scanning, Spy Sweeper provides detailed reports with descriptions and levels of risks for different items. You can then delete, restore or quarantine the nasties as you choose. Spy Sweeper does not slow down your machine and can run in the background without disturbing ongoing work.

Author Angela Parisdate added 2009-09-07 12:04:52

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