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Windows Live OneCare has improved a lot from the last version, and continues to do good work. It provides antivirus, antispyware, and firewall protection, along with some system cleaning by defragmenting the disk. It also offers local backup and recovery.
But this suite depends upon many Windows components and does not support Firefox or Opera browsers. Many of the features of this suite already come free with Windows Vista, and overall it fails to compete with other security suites like Kaspersky, McAfee or Norton.

Windows Live OneCare could score only 89% in PC Pro Lab's malware detection test, but did well in protecting from website-based threats. It stopped 86% of attempted malevolent downloads. It could not detect malicious e-mails or spam, and does not provide protection from phishing e-mails either.

Windows Defender basically provides Windows Live OneCare's antispyware protection, which you can download for free. Its antiphishing, antirootkit and behavior monitoring tools again come free with Internet Explorer 7. Its antivirus engine is basic, and does not allow any complex configuration, except which drives to scan, how to scan and how to handle infections.

Windows Live OneCare, however, does have a simple interface and a strong firewall. It could make the PC Pro Lab's test machine totally invisible to the web by hiding all the ports, rendering it impervious to attack. It provides two-way firewall protection to Windows XP for inbound and outbound filtering. It make little demand on system resources, but when a malware is found it takes a minute or more to clean up the file, and the program locks the browser window while doing it. You then have to restart the machine to complete the process.

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