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Zone Lab's Zone Alarm is one of the pioneering and most sophisticated firewalls available on the market. It is a firewall-cum-security suite which provides anti-spam and anti-adware protection, along with lots of privacy tools and features - but you will need antivirus software along with it to provide total protection for your machine.

Zone alarm is easy to install, and the installation wizard guides you through the installation steps for default settings. Configuring for advanced settings is not very difficult, as all the options are well presented with useful help and guidance. ZoneAlarm's low-level security coding makes your computer safe and secure against internet threats. It scans for programs which access the internet and allocates trust levels for each program - if it finds any new program trying to access the net, it sends an alert pop-up to ask you if you wan to allow this program to access the net once, always or never.

Zone Alarm lets expert users to set internet access trust level for programs, and an outbound mail monitor watches for suspicious activity and provides a way to report intruders. It has application component fingerprinting to protect against Trojans, and an Automatic Network Detection Wizard. The version 4.5 release also provides a personal data vault for safe keeping your important data, like credit card numbers and other identification numbers, and an ID lock feature that alerts you if any of this data gets transferred via the net, so that you can then block the transfer.

The MailSafe feature gives quarantine for suspicious attachments, and the Hacker ID track feature can tracks both the IP address and locality of intruders. The new reporting tool allows Zone Labs to periodically collect trace-back reports and pass them on to the offender's ISP. The AlertAdvisor provides anti-phishing support, along with a web filter for content filtration. There is a cache cleaner for both hard disk and browser caches, which basically wipes out temporary internet files, cookies and browser histories. Zone Alarm also provides an e-mail monitor that looks for possible mass-mailing scripts and worms, a cookie manager, a pop-up and banner ad blocker, plus an ActiveX and JavaScript defender.

Zone Alarm has an easy-to-use and sophisticated interface. The main window has navigation tabs at the left and the right side pane shows detailed settings. The entire window can be minimized to show only the dashboard. The Stop button disables any connection of your machine to the internet if anything goes wrong. A padlock can stop data transfer, and an 'In and Out' data meters displays traffic.

The control panel allows the user to specify high, medium, or firewall-off security levels for both the Internet and Trusted zones. The high and medium levels can then be customized further. The default high-security setting keeps all the ports in stealth mode and the medium setting keeps the ports visible but closed.

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