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Author T. Smith
date added Mon 30 Jan 2017

While you may think an air compressor is only for pumping up your tyres, many models can also be used to drive paint sprayers, nail guns, wrenches and a host of other useful tools. So before you start, think about whether you only really need a compressor for your car and the kids' bikes, or whether you want to use it for all its other possible applications.

If tyres are your main concern, go for a compact air compressor, which will also be able to handle light tasks such as powering s...

Author R. Germain
date added Thu 17 Sep 2009

Deep fat fryers come in two basic configurations: the less expensive single-basket types, which are normally round in shape and come in a variety of colours and finishes, and the larger-volume 'professional' type, which are generally rectangular and often come with double baskets that can be used independently of each other, and so are best suited to those with larger families or who wish to fry different foods at the same time.

Whichever type you decide on, the most important thing to ...

Author R. Germain
date added Wed 16 Sep 2009

There are two main types of pressure washer available: electric-corded models that are generally suited to light maintenance and cleaning tasks around the home; and petrol-driven models which are more powerful but cost a lot more to buy and are mainly designed for industrial and heavy-duty use. Here we'll be concentrating only on the more affordable electric type designed for general household use.

The cleaning power of an electric pressure washer is measured in terms of PSI (pounds per...

Author R. Germain
date added Wed 19 Aug 2009

Webcams vary greatly in price, but a good rule of thumb is to take the price of the cheapest model that suits your needs and the price of the most expensive, then look somewhere in the middle, as however much you spend on a webcam, the picture is only ever going to be as good as the software transmitting the image, so unless you're a serious computer buff, spending a lot more isn't going to give you noticeably better results. That said, higher-price webcams do usually produce better-quality i...

Author R. Germain
date added Mon 17 Aug 2009

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