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There is a mind-boggling array or kettles out there to choose from, and while they all provide the same basic function, i.e. boiling water, there are a few key pointers to look out for. For example, any electric kettle for the home should be able to hold 1.4 litres of water or more, so anything that holds less would only really be useful as a travel kettle, and the higher the wattage, the quicker it will boil the water.

When it comes to style and shape, the choice is yours, but bear in mind that the taller jug shaped kettles can be difficult to fill if you've got a sink full of dirty plates and not much clearance between the spout of you tap and the bottom of the sink. Whether you choose a jug kettle or one of the more traditional round shaped ones, it's important that the kettle is protected by a cool touch casing, that will keep the heat inside away from your fingers - some very cheap models still don't have this essential protection.

Choose a model with a concealed element, which will help with heat dispersion, boil water faster and keep limescale away from the element, making your kettle last longer and providing better tasting water. They're also much easier to clean. Many kettles also have removable scale filters, which are very handy, particularly if you live in an area with a 'hard' water supply.

It's also a good idea to go for a model with a nice wide spout, so you can fill it straight from the tap without having to take the lid off - even better are the ones with non-drip pouring spouts for added safety.

You'll see kettles out there at ridiculously low prices but, as with all electrical products, you only get what you pay for. Cheaper models often have thin casings, with exposed elements, lower wattages and less capacity. Your kettle is probably going to be the appliance you use more than any other in your kitchen, so spend a little more and get one from a good manufacturer with a decent warranty.

Author R. Germain
date added Wed 05 08 2009

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